Profitability Study

Welcome to the DE Profitability Study Homepage.  Within this little section of my blog I will attempt to evaluate various methods of making money while tracking every aspect of them.  Here is my basic outline / plan of attack.

  • Each endeavor will begin with 10,000,000.00 ISK to present a simple basis for comparison.
  • I will post my skills regarding each endeavor at the top of each respective page, as well as make note of any that changed.
  • All endeavors will be undertaken in T1 ships no larger than a Cruiser to create even more balance, and so that newer players can see what aspect contains the highest investment / reward potential.
  • I will do everything I can to not blather on and wax poetic on things, though I may come up with ideas how to improve the game while I do this.

With those basic and simplistic guidelines set before me, I will go into this with heartfelt gusto and with more than my fair share of pomp and circumstance.  So brave reader, which shall it be?

Mining: Rocky Genocide

Ratting: Bounty Hunters Lite

Missioning: Glorified Slave Labor

Manufacturing: Duct Tape and Bailing Twine




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