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Discovering EVE has moved and changed names.  New site is –  Welcome to Industrialist with Teeth.


The Latest Affairs

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So I know the Profitability Study is taking awhile, and I apologize.  I have become extremely distracted (something fairly easy to accomplish) by in game occurrences as well as out of game ones.

Firstly, despite my best efforts to stay focused on combat with Chainer, I keep finding myself looking at ships the the Charon.  Needless to say, my weak will towards all things big and shiny won out and I am now training up for Caldari Freighters.

In the same vein as that I have started talking to my corp mates who are more industrial minded (oddly enough Ion Heavy Industries is a combat corp with more industrialists than combat pilots).  Most of them are in Mining Barges and doing a fair bit of profit on it.  The problem they ran into is moving their goods from our mining fields out to more profitable markets.  One or two had expressed interest in training up Industrials/Freighters, and this is when I made my move.  I created a special channel for our industrial people, where I can organize our efforts to provide maximum profit.  Each of us will now be working only on skills pertaining to their chosen area of interest (I am not forcing them to do anything, they just realized the intelligence of this) and we are buidling a network and system for acquiring ore, refining it, hauling it, and selling it.  We are looking at finding someone who is production savvy depending on if we can make better profits by turning said refined ore into other goods.  Obviously I will be fufilling the hauling side of things, especially come the 17th of June, when I am able to fly a shiny Charon for the first time.  We have 3 miners, one of which has decent refining skills.  We are still working out the details on who makes how much when the items are finally sold, but I have a simple plan that should work.

  • For hauling it, I will take 5% of the total sale price per 20 jumps from home I have to make.
  • The Refiner will receive a flat 5%
  • The Original Miner will get the rest.

Anyone have any input on the fairness of this?  Is it too low, too high or what?

Other distractions have come in the form of the Ore Calculator from The New Edener.  While my corp mates were mining last night, I was figuring out just how much they would make off their ore.  Then realizing I had no simple way to calculate how many trips it will take me to haul it all, I added onto the Ore Calc to calculate Ore and Mineral volumes based off what you put in to be refined, and then created a section where you put your racial Industrial/Freighter skills and it shows each ship and it’s T2 variants and calculated cargo capacity.  It also shows how many loads the ore will take, as well as the minerals, each one seperately of course. I am working on modifying the sheet further to enable the addition of Cargo Expanders, but that will take some trickier math and possibly require me to rework most of the cargo formula’s I have on there already.  Hopefully the 1.1.1 version (what I gave it, we will see if Gold changes it) will be released today or tomorrow.  Once I work out the kinks of the cargo expanders, as well as wait a week or two to get feedback on what else I can change, I will submit 1.1.2 and see where it goes from there.

I also added a Downloads page on here, which you can find to the right.  For now it just has a simple profitability calculator I whipped up this morning, but expect more stuff to come soon.

That’s about it really, but yeah whew, that was a lot of typing for not planning much more than a paragraph or two.

Ratite, I barely knew ye…and other news

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So in my home system we have a corp of griefers/can flippers who are fairly active with it.  Ion Heavy has lost at least one ship to an over eager pilot taking the bait.  This corp (The Unit) seems to enjoy can flipping and view it as a valid profession within EVE.  This is a debatable topic, but I personally find it to be a lame cop out that shows you don’t have the ability to achieve anything else.

In regards to this, as I was working on my Profitability Study on Mining, I was out in the Osprey mining away happily, when one of The Unit’s members warped into my belt and started flashing red as he stole from one of the wrecks I had left.  I ignored him for sometime, as he was in a Rifter I figured I could hold him off long enough if he decided to risk attacking me first.

Eventually, I got bored of this, and ended up heading back to my home base and picked up my Moa (Ratite) and decided I should give him a show.  So I warped back out, engines straining to get me in range quickly as I ordered the target lock.  As soon as the lock hit, I unloaded on him, quickly vaporising his shield and getting down to his tank.  He slowly ate into my shield, but my tank was decent for my skills and we ended up in a stalemate with us each barely getting into each others tank before it was repped back up.  Unfortunately, my tank started going down slowly.  After about 20 minutes of this, I noticed the time and realized I had to leave for work.  Being scrambled, I couldn’t warp out and go to work, so I did the only thing I could do, I engaged my self destruct.

So I may have lost a ship to a griefer, but at least I went out on my own terms and denied him a killmail.  Small victory, but a victory in my book none-the-less.

In other news, I moved C’ain Liorenal and the Fairly Reliable Ship Co. over to Zororzih to establish himself away from Chainer.  We will see how that goes.  As things stand, he is about 3 days away from being in a Barge and after that he is gonna be skilling up his production skills.

As for Chainer’s training, he can fly any frigate out there, and I am now working on his support skills some more so that I can be a badass in any frigate and destroyer in the game.  Maybe after that I will look at getting into something bigger, but I really prefer the small quick ships, so I may go for the T2 variants first.

Outside that, not too much going on, working on the Profitability some, as well as just trying to avoid my family.

Until next time, rock the casbah.

The Haps

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So lately, we have been doing this and that in low sec, unfortunately for me, it has prevented me from making any sort of ISK.  It’s a fairly common conundrum I would be willing to bet.  Go hunt around for people to kill, or go make money for sure.  My corp is looking more and more like it could turn into a pirate corp with just a little nudging, so we will see.

As for the exciting low sec events of late, we managed to get a kill despite some fumbling around on a few peoples parts.  Quite a hefty kill for us, as you can see here.  Sadly, it doesn’t do much to make up for the overwhelming losses we manage to incur.

Also, as you can notice, I didn’t make the killboard on that one, due to a minor mistake on my part.  Trying to be intelligent, I warped to our FC at 30 hoping to get a lock and do some ranged damage, like my Moa should, however by the time I dropped out of warp, he was over 100 km away from me.  By the time I warped out and back in, he had gone poof.

Then tonight, we went crawling for a certain someone who knocked off three of our ships last week.  We managed to get her to engage one of our ships who had an impressive tank and was doing fine.  However our tackler had gone afk without informing anyone, and by the time he came back, she had warped off to do her own thing again.  So we missed a kill due to tom foolery.

Then we decided to go have some fun in 0.0 hoping against hope to find something worthwhile.  As we sat on the edge of 0.0 we were just waiting for the word to jump and make a go at it.  However due to yet more tom foolery we ended up sitting in that 0.3 system for well on 45 minutes, by which time Morsus Mihi (who controlled the first 0.0 system we needed to pass through) had started to figure out what was going on and we noticed a ton of them passing through the system.  Even our dimwitted Drake-sacrificer managed to figure it out, so we ended up heading back to my favorite 0.4, Walvalin, and there was no one around, so we called it a night.

On the profitability study side of things, I lost my notes on my expenditures and am not quite motivated enough to go through my wallet data and figure out what I bought for what, and when.  So instead, I will be starting fresh first thing tomorrow morning.  I will be providing new graphs as well as more detailed summaries of what gets what and how and what have you.  I will probably end up creating a seperate page in here just for my study, so I have more room to work with.

On a side note, I have been debating taking on a little project that interests me.  To do it properly, I need to drop $35 on a program that I should have anyways.  But before I go all out on this, I want to know if there is a pool of interest for it.  So ask your corpmates, or anyone at all really.  What is the idea you ask? Well it’s a rather simple idea, let’s just see what you think of it.  We all are familiar with the EVE Strategic Maps or Ombeve’s 2d Maps.  I want to expand upon that, creating a PDF, or even website, listing every last detail of every last system in New Eden.  From a solar system view all the way up to the galactic view, I think I can make something useful, if people could actually use it.

Another thing that I have been working on, is writing fiction.  I am working on a story entitled “Hangar 15” which I will be putting up over at The New Edener, as soon as I get the first part done.  I have been working on it whilst at work, since I can’t seem to get online there.   So yes, the site may have been a little neglected of late, but I have been working on stuff, I promise you that.

Fly safe, and may the spork be with you.

Working…I swear.

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So I know my updates have become sparse…I’m sorry.  Real Life, the dreaded bane of any gamers life, has reared its furry head.  Between my GM being away on personal leave and one of my fellow assistant managers deciding he wants to only work one day a week, I have been working ridiculous hours.  And various disparate sections of my family came to town this weekend and further disrupted my limited free time, so EVE was on the back burner.

But I did get some in tonight, and I have a bit of a story to tell about it.  I will put that post up when I am not about to pass out.  Also, working on some fiction for The New Edener that I will put up here a few days after it goes live over there.

Also, I have come up with a few good ideas on things I want to do, and I will be putting posts about those up as I flesh out the details, though one of them requires me to not put it up.  Secrecy is key to some things.

Fly safe, and nuke the moon.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Just a quick interlude to thank my recent visitors (which I am sure is due to Crazy Kinux and/or Ga’len and their respective blogroll keeping as opposed to any merits of my own).  I hit a record peak of 72 visitors which makes me feel special and warm inside.


As for what I have been up to in EVE lately, really not too much.  As I said before, my corp is looking at moving into 0.0 in the coming months, and have already received pledges of support from a corp or two.  While my CEO is handling the diplomatic and recruitment side of things, I am handling intel gather.  It is a specialty of mine, that I have loved doing for a long long time, and EVE is by far the best game to do it in, with a myriad of options and so many things to cover.  I am keeping watch on a few gates that lead into the low sec area around our designated target.  I have also probed all 7 systems that we hope to acquire with my Probing Heron since I cannot fly a Covert Ops frigate yet (still a few weeks out of just getting in one, let alone being effective).  I managed to pinpoint exact locations of each POS in the area, and will be going back in with an Ibis or Condor to plot safe spots (if I can get a corp mate to come with to help) so that when we do go full bore assault mode, we have staging points and fallback zones.  The one tactical difficulty in this region is that it is a bottleneck, one system provides the only way in or out.  I have been talking to my CEO to see if we can’t arrange a Carrier or some similar mode of transport to allow us an escape vector that could be unexpected.

I am going to have to come up with some code names for these systems so I can keep a frame of reference for you readers out there without betraying our plans on accident.

In corp news, we had a few losses recently, due to some oversight from a few people.  I won’t name name’s, because what’s done is done and we need to learn lessons from it as opposed to dwelling on it all.  Aruan X, our resident trigger happy pilot was playing scout for us in an attempt to get a few of us out to our target area for ratting, ostensibly.  At the edge of low sec, he hopped into 0.0 to see what was on the other side, what we heard on Vent was nothing short of him crapping himself, as he found at least 8 ships of varying size, all considerably more experienced than any of us.  His Drake quickly fell once his cloak failed.  The next day, LazarusMan lost his newly purchased (and luckily insured) Ferox to some can-flippers in Hentogaira, which he didn’t take too bad all things considered.  As for myself, I now have a Moa outfitted for ratting, but need to work on some of my skills to be able to better fit it, though that is on the back burner behind my Cov Ops training.

Lessons Learned so far this week:

#1: Don’t Get Cocky.  I lost my Cormorant because I was overconfident after escaping the Merlin earlier in the day and wasn’t paying enough attention.

#2: Keep your cool at all times. If you keep your cool, there is less chance of things going wrong, and you can figure out a way out of situations.

#3: Be Wary. You never know who is planning what, even in High Sec.  If someone steals from you, go ahead and engage, but be sure to have a guaranteed way out if it’s a trap.


I have more of my profitability survey in the works, but as I am doing this recon work, it is sadly on the back burner.  Thanks for checking me out.

Delayed again…

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Sorry that I haven’t posted anything today. I have been busy with making the Capsuleer User Manual and doing some 0.0 recon for my Corp. I will have details up as soon as I can.