Mining: Rocky Genocide

So, you’re interested in shooting rocks and want to know if it’s worth your time.  Well then, read on and see what you discover.

Mining is one of what I consider the Trifecta Careers.  I call it such, because when you start the game, without having gone and done any intertubes research (like you are right now) there are typically 3 careers that you know of.  These of course being Belt Ratting, Missioning, and of course Mining.

To start with, I will be outlining what ships I am using for this one.  For my first 2 hours of mining, I am using the venerable Osprey, named Pandion.  Then I will be dropping down to the Cormorant, lovingly named Phalacrocoracida.  I will also be utilizing my Badger Mark II, christened Mustelid II.  First off, mad props if you get the naming scheme.  As for fittings, here it is.

Pandion (Osprey Class Cruiser) [Cost – 3,376,953 ISK]

  • Dual Diode Mining Laser I
  • Dual Diode Mining Laser I
  • Standard Missile Launcher I (Bloodclaw Missiles)
  • Standard Missile Launcher I (Bloodclaw Missiles)
  • Expanded Cargohold II
  • Expanded Cargohold II
  • Expanded Cargohold II
  • Mining Drone x2

Phalacrocoracida (Cormorant Class Destroyer) [Cost – 1,228,841 ISK]

  • Miner I
  • Miner I
  • Miner I
  • Miner I
  • Standard Missile Launcher I (Bloodclaw Missiles)
  • Residual Survey Scannner I

Mustelid II (Badger Mark II Class Industrial) [Cost – 17,452,734 ISK]

  • Expanded Cargohold II
  • Expanded Cargohold II
  • Expanded Cargohold II

As you can see, I have spent a pretty penny on ships and what have you.  I am not counting the module costs against the starting 10 mil pool, due the the negligible cost of the ones I picked.  The only exception is the Expanded Cargoholds, which can be pricey.  I am also ignoring the cost of the Badger, due to it exceeding the initial pool and the fact that I have had it laying around for awhile.  Though any serious miner should have a hauler of some sort, be it a friend, a second account, or one in a station near by.

As for my skills that will affect my income, these are pretty much going to be Industry skills, of which I have few.

  • Mining Level III
  • Refining Level III

If I missed any let me know. I don’t have any of the ore specific refining skills, nor refining efficiency.

To calculate your potential income check out the Ore Calculator over at The New Edener

So here is the way the money looks so far.  After purchasing our ships and modules we are sitting right around 5,400,000 ISK.  So to even be profitable I need to make up that cost without spending anything else, alrighty then.  After some quick market investigation and research, I have determined that Veldspar should produce the best revenue, so let’s see how 2 hours of Veld mining does.  After that, I will do 2 hours of Plagioclase, Scordite and Pyroxeres mining does.

{More to come as I progress through my study.  At this time I am 25 minutes away from fininsg my first 2 hours.}


3 Responses to “Mining: Rocky Genocide”

  1. (Pandion haliaetus)is the genus species of the Osprey. (Phalacrocoracida) is the family that includes the Cormorant.
    (Mustelid) is the family that includes the Badger.


  2. Excellently done!

  3. I’m just gonna throw some profitability stuff out here for you hehe

    Basically with your current skills, you shouldn’t be refining your ore. If you have a friend with maxxed out refining and 100% yield, give it to them to refine for you, otherwise I’d advise that you just sell the ore, trust me when I say that you’ll make more Isk/hour.

    The only skills your interested in as a miner without refining anything are Mining, Mining Upgrades (Your low slots should be full of mining laser upgrades) and Astrogeology (in Science), it increases your yield by 5% a level…

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