EVE Blog Banter #7: Things I haven’t done in EVE

•May 6, 2009 • 5 Comments

Welcome to the seventh installment of the EVE Blog Banter , the monthly EVE Online blogging extravaganza created by CrazyKinux . The EVE Blog Banter involves an enthusiastic group of gaming bloggers, a common topic within the realm of EVE Online, and a week to post articles pertaining to the said topic. The resulting articles can either be short or quite extensive, either funny or dead serious, but are always a great fun to read! Any questions about the EVE Blog Banter should be directed here. Check out other EVE Blog Banterarticles at the bottom of this post!

This month’s topic comes to us from yours truly, and I ask: “What 3 things haven’t you done in EVE and why? Would you be willing to try one day? Why so? Why not?


Well, being a fairly new player, this list has the potential to be huge for me, as I have tasted only a very very small portion of what is out there, anyways, here is my list.

#1: Assist my corp and alliance in taking over a 0.0 system or 7.  This one is actually in the works, and I am doing the intel work for my corp, so we will see how that goes.  The reason I want to do this is after my recent brush with PvP (which was more than I posted and more is coming), I want more.  On top of that, holding a system, with POS’s that I can access for my manufacturing / industrial side is a thing I cannot ignore.

#2: Visit the EVE Gate.  This one is probably on most people’s to-do list somewhere, and I plan on doing it.  The lore and backstory of EVE is something I really enjoy, and I want to see where it all started.

#3: Start my own Corp.  Once my alliance takes control of those systems we have targeted, and I am more established as a player, I want to start my own corp.  I am not sure if it will be industrial or military in nature, or a mix of the two, but I think I will really enjoy running a corp.

So that is just 3 of the thousands of things I can probably think of to do, and I hope to accomplish them all in the next year, but we will see what fate has in store for me.


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Profitability Study: 2 Jump Ratting

•May 5, 2009 • 3 Comments

So I am doing some basic profitability studies in my current area to determine what would be the best money maker vs. time and inherent expenditures.  So far, I have only recorded bounty information (due to not knowing if you can even export your wallet data).  So what follows is the tip of the iceberg in the first part of my 2 Jump Ratting Profitability Study.

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Adventures in Low Sec and Beyond: Part 2

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Being bored of the ridiculously easy NPC fare in Hentogaira, I decided to take the Pelican into some potentially dangerous locations.

After consulting my map, I determine that Walvalin, a nearby 0.4 system would make a good hunting ground, with 6 or 7 belts, a bunch of planets and only 1 person in the last half hour.  So I load up the Pelican with enough ammo to get me by for a few belts at least and make the short 2 jumps there.  Most of the day, I am the only person there, hopping belt to belt, swiftly eradicating any NPC Pirates there, only once did I hit a rough spot, and that was against two Moa flying Guristas.  I even attempted to take a battleship, but I couldn’t get him below 2/3 of his shield so I gave up and moved on.


However, just a bit ago, I was doing my thing, and there were two people in system with me, one with a 1.7 Sec Status and one with a 5.0 Sec Status, so I quickly disregarded them, since they were both in the positives.  Suddenly, as I am working on a Blackbird and two Kestrels, the 1.7 Sec Status individual comes into my belt, and I start getting a little jumpy as he locks me.  Then I see he is in a Merlin and I shrug it off as someone that will move on in a second.  Suddenly, my pulse is pounding in my ears as I start to get warp scrambled.  I quickly drop my lock on the NPC’s and focus on the Merlin.  But the incoming fire from a cruiser and 3 frigates is just too much for my little destroyer, so I manage to get far enough away from the Merlin to warp out to Kianti.  I make a pit stop and repair (I was down to about 25% armor) and head right back, knowing that in a 1 on 1, I will take down the Merlin before he can blink.  And since he aggressed me, he is stuck in system for 15 minutes.

I hop back into Walvalin, and load up the d-scanner and head back to my previous belt where we had skirmished.  Slowly, over the next 10 minutes I start to pinpoint where he is, and I chase him down, hopping in at 70km so that I have a fair chance of getting my claws in him.  Now, I got to him once, and he immediately warped out, and I was disheartened, but I followed the line he went down, and found him again, and as soon as I drop out of warp, the tantalizing red flashing disappears.  Crap! So I continue to stay on him like white on rice, hoping to get him to re-agress.  My adrenaline pumping, I start scanning again, hoping to pin him down.

I manage to catch up to him in another belt, where he is pinned down by 2 Frigates and a Cruiser, so I slowly come up on him and start my orbit, locking him and the pirates.  Being the fair individual I am, I pop the two frigates and help with the cruiser.  We then settle into a stead 3 km orbit of each other.  After five minutes of this, he finally says something in local (I had kept my mouth shut except saying “Nice Try” when I hopped out to repair).  His first words? “Why the negative status? You like to kill miners?” and at this I start to laugh.  I proceed to detail to him why I have a -2.02 sec standing, and we work things out and then go our separate ways after about 15 minutes.

For those of you who are now curious as to why I have a negative sec status, I am currently taking care of my friends account, and I got bored and put us both in Merlins and I podded him…but such is the way things are.  I get bored and then I face the repercussions.

Either way, I had a great time out in Walvalin today, and will continue to go there for my ratting pleasure (since I made close to 1 mil in an hour or three), though I hear it is a haven for a Pirate Corp with over 100 members.  We will see how that goes, because I have every intention of that being my new system.

Until next time, Fly Safe Capsuleers!

P.S. – I now understand the allure of PvP…and I can’t wait to do more of it.

Back again

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Well, I am back.  After a long long weekend of too much work and barely any sleep, I have returned to EVE, thankfully.  So with that in mind I haven’t done anything post worthy as of yet.  I created a second account with which I will have an RP/Story character.  The stories will be on here (marked properly of course) and hopefully I will have fun with him in game.  Other than that, skill training continues, and that is about it. See you all soon!

Adventures in Low Sec and Beyond: Part 1

•May 2, 2009 • 2 Comments
Hentogaira III – Moon 6 – Prompt Delivery Station
Approximately 10:00 PM Mountain Standard Time

“Want to go to low sec with us?” is the first thing I see in Corp Chat.  I stop and think about it for a moment.  “Sure, gimme 5 minutes” I respond.  Before long we are heading out to Mastakomon (0.5) to finish prepping for the nights entertainment.  

I am in my Cormorant, LazarusMan is in his newly minted Caracal, SilverPladdin is in his Myrmidon, and Andrew Kapec (from Amtec) is in his Drake.  We hop into Osaa (0.3) first, and are pretty disappointed with the few NPC’s we found, just a handful of frigates and a cruiser or two.  

Thinking to move on to better grounds we go back through Mastakomon to Ohkunen (0.4) and at the again dismal pickings (though we did find a Battlecruiser to pop) we decide to head over to P3EN-E (0.0) and head out to one of the belts.  

Here we find a few Battlecruisers and Cruisers, which we take down fairly quickly.  Then we notice some names pop up into local, and Silver informs us that they are all -9 and below sec status, so we start hauling balls back to Obe (0.4) on the way back to Mastakomon.  They follow us all the way to the Mastakomon gate in Ohkunen, where Andrew and Silver wait for them to show up.  I was urged to go through since I would be mince meat if I stayed.  Probably a good idea that I did.  They took a few rounds before they jumped back and we called our low sec foray done for the night.

At this point Andrew asked if we wanted to partake in a level 4 mission with him, and Silver and I agreed to go.  What followed was a mass of rogue drones being slaughtered, nothing really fancy.

All in all I have to say, I really enjoyed myself out there in Low Sec, it definitely gets your blood pumping (especially when you are as new as I am).  Hopefully I will return soon, although the next time we go I will be in a Moa fitting a bit better weaponry.  Stay tuned for more!


•April 30, 2009 • 2 Comments

I started thinking today, about how I can aid my fellow players, be they new or old.  In that vein I have decided to compile ship data as well as my opinions on the ship as a new player.  First up, I will talk about the Cormorant and, over the next week I will tackle the Caldari Frigates and Cruisers.

First up, I am now proudly flying a Cormorant, lovingly named Pelican. I have it fitted with 6x 125mm Railgun I’s, a 1 MN Afterburner, a Small Shield Booster I, 2x Small Shield Extenders, and a Damage Control I. I know this isn’t the best fittings available, but it’s the best I can do with my current skills, I will be upgrading as time permits.


So there we have some pics of my Cormorant with the base stats for it (as lifted from http://www.eve-wiki.net)  As you can see, fitting this thing can be a pain for those who are new.  Doing the research on the variants of items you want to put on will allow you to optimize your fittings so you can hopefully get all your mods and equipment on there.  I suggest ignoring the existence of the launcher hardpoint, since it could be rough trying to fill every last slow.  You can see my fitting above, so that might help you get an idea on how to start fitting with limited skills.  I have two empty high slots which sucks, but until my skills improve, that’s the way it is going to be unless I want to go down to 75mm rails.  With my current skills, as well as bonuses from the ship, I have an optimal range of ~22 km with a 5 km falloff.  For those new players, that means that at 22km I hit for the best possible damage, and I have a 5 km sweet spot to maintain regular damage, so from 17 km out to 27 km I will hit the majority of the time. If any experienced players are reading this, and I am wrong, please correct me.

As for how the ship handles itself, I have had noting even close to a scare in as low as 0.5 space.  I go belt to belt in Hentogaira, popping rats until my hold is full of loot and hop back and repeat until I feel I am done.  I haven’t taken her out to .4 or lower space yet, since I really don’t want to go alone, so I cannot report on that with any reliability.  So far, I haven’t even dropped below half shields, which is a good feeling.  I would say that this is a good stepping stone for new players on their way to bigger and better ships.

One Shot

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So I was waking up a bit ago, and check my emails to see the helpful comments left by Kirith Kodachi from the Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah.  About this time I was loading up all my blogs to check up on new posts, and saw his post about the Nerd Test.  Being intrigued I clicked away, and here are my results.

NerdTests.com says I'm an Uber-Dorky Nerd God.  Click here to take the Nerd Test, get geeky images and jokes, and talk to others on the nerd forum!

I believe the appropriate thing to say would be…

“My pokemon brings all the nerds to the yard, they’re like, you wanna trade cards…” wait, no wrong thing…oh yeah, my favorite tagline goes here “Boom”