The Latest Affairs

So I know the Profitability Study is taking awhile, and I apologize.  I have become extremely distracted (something fairly easy to accomplish) by in game occurrences as well as out of game ones.

Firstly, despite my best efforts to stay focused on combat with Chainer, I keep finding myself looking at ships the the Charon.  Needless to say, my weak will towards all things big and shiny won out and I am now training up for Caldari Freighters.

In the same vein as that I have started talking to my corp mates who are more industrial minded (oddly enough Ion Heavy Industries is a combat corp with more industrialists than combat pilots).  Most of them are in Mining Barges and doing a fair bit of profit on it.  The problem they ran into is moving their goods from our mining fields out to more profitable markets.  One or two had expressed interest in training up Industrials/Freighters, and this is when I made my move.  I created a special channel for our industrial people, where I can organize our efforts to provide maximum profit.  Each of us will now be working only on skills pertaining to their chosen area of interest (I am not forcing them to do anything, they just realized the intelligence of this) and we are buidling a network and system for acquiring ore, refining it, hauling it, and selling it.  We are looking at finding someone who is production savvy depending on if we can make better profits by turning said refined ore into other goods.  Obviously I will be fufilling the hauling side of things, especially come the 17th of June, when I am able to fly a shiny Charon for the first time.  We have 3 miners, one of which has decent refining skills.  We are still working out the details on who makes how much when the items are finally sold, but I have a simple plan that should work.

  • For hauling it, I will take 5% of the total sale price per 20 jumps from home I have to make.
  • The Refiner will receive a flat 5%
  • The Original Miner will get the rest.

Anyone have any input on the fairness of this?  Is it too low, too high or what?

Other distractions have come in the form of the Ore Calculator from The New Edener.  While my corp mates were mining last night, I was figuring out just how much they would make off their ore.  Then realizing I had no simple way to calculate how many trips it will take me to haul it all, I added onto the Ore Calc to calculate Ore and Mineral volumes based off what you put in to be refined, and then created a section where you put your racial Industrial/Freighter skills and it shows each ship and it’s T2 variants and calculated cargo capacity.  It also shows how many loads the ore will take, as well as the minerals, each one seperately of course. I am working on modifying the sheet further to enable the addition of Cargo Expanders, but that will take some trickier math and possibly require me to rework most of the cargo formula’s I have on there already.  Hopefully the 1.1.1 version (what I gave it, we will see if Gold changes it) will be released today or tomorrow.  Once I work out the kinks of the cargo expanders, as well as wait a week or two to get feedback on what else I can change, I will submit 1.1.2 and see where it goes from there.

I also added a Downloads page on here, which you can find to the right.  For now it just has a simple profitability calculator I whipped up this morning, but expect more stuff to come soon.

That’s about it really, but yeah whew, that was a lot of typing for not planning much more than a paragraph or two.


~ by Bryce on May 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Latest Affairs”

  1. Hey great job with the organizing!

    I would suggest you take 10% and refiner takes 5%, and the miners take 85% because lets see:

    – Belt to station
    – Station to hub
    – Seller

    – Refine

    – Mine

  2. Interesting, looking forward to when my mining alt comes up to speed on his hulk.

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