Ratite, I barely knew ye…and other news

So in my home system we have a corp of griefers/can flippers who are fairly active with it.  Ion Heavy has lost at least one ship to an over eager pilot taking the bait.  This corp (The Unit) seems to enjoy can flipping and view it as a valid profession within EVE.  This is a debatable topic, but I personally find it to be a lame cop out that shows you don’t have the ability to achieve anything else.

In regards to this, as I was working on my Profitability Study on Mining, I was out in the Osprey mining away happily, when one of The Unit’s members warped into my belt and started flashing red as he stole from one of the wrecks I had left.  I ignored him for sometime, as he was in a Rifter I figured I could hold him off long enough if he decided to risk attacking me first.

Eventually, I got bored of this, and ended up heading back to my home base and picked up my Moa (Ratite) and decided I should give him a show.  So I warped back out, engines straining to get me in range quickly as I ordered the target lock.  As soon as the lock hit, I unloaded on him, quickly vaporising his shield and getting down to his tank.  He slowly ate into my shield, but my tank was decent for my skills and we ended up in a stalemate with us each barely getting into each others tank before it was repped back up.  Unfortunately, my tank started going down slowly.  After about 20 minutes of this, I noticed the time and realized I had to leave for work.  Being scrambled, I couldn’t warp out and go to work, so I did the only thing I could do, I engaged my self destruct.

So I may have lost a ship to a griefer, but at least I went out on my own terms and denied him a killmail.  Small victory, but a victory in my book none-the-less.

In other news, I moved C’ain Liorenal and the Fairly Reliable Ship Co. over to Zororzih to establish himself away from Chainer.  We will see how that goes.  As things stand, he is about 3 days away from being in a Barge and after that he is gonna be skilling up his production skills.

As for Chainer’s training, he can fly any frigate out there, and I am now working on his support skills some more so that I can be a badass in any frigate and destroyer in the game.  Maybe after that I will look at getting into something bigger, but I really prefer the small quick ships, so I may go for the T2 variants first.

Outside that, not too much going on, working on the Profitability some, as well as just trying to avoid my family.

Until next time, rock the casbah.


~ by Bryce on May 16, 2009.

6 Responses to “Ratite, I barely knew ye…and other news”

  1. How was the moa fitted? And did you remember the 3 light drones?

    • It had medium rails and heavy missiles. And yeah, he took out my drones quick.

  2. Just a note about game mechanics, if he can flips you, or steals from a wreck, he’ll only be flashy to you. He can’t attack you until after you attack him, and so the whole point of what he has done was to basically make you fall for his trap and go get a combat ship, thus giving him a fight.

    Another point is that he isn’t just flashy to you, but to your whole corp (not alliance), so if you continue mining while assembling a fleet in the background, they could warp in and gank him (Eve University style :D). Also if you attack him, this doesn’t work in reverse, as in you (and anyone else in your corp who attacks) still only stay flashy to him, not the rest of his corp, so the only help they can offer is to remote rep, which you should watch out for in any case…

  3. Ouch sorry about the self destruct.

  4. Yeah Atsuma, I was aware of that, but I can be a bit bull headed sometimes. And I did have one corp mate come help but he lost his frig. Oh well.

    And thanks Tony, I am sure that most of us have had to self destruct at one point or another.

  5. lol he must of been pissed at your self destruct, it would of been interesting to see what the final outcome would of been. Too bad you didn’t put out a call in corp for assistance, or if no-one was close enough.

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