The Haps

So lately, we have been doing this and that in low sec, unfortunately for me, it has prevented me from making any sort of ISK.  It’s a fairly common conundrum I would be willing to bet.  Go hunt around for people to kill, or go make money for sure.  My corp is looking more and more like it could turn into a pirate corp with just a little nudging, so we will see.

As for the exciting low sec events of late, we managed to get a kill despite some fumbling around on a few peoples parts.  Quite a hefty kill for us, as you can see here.  Sadly, it doesn’t do much to make up for the overwhelming losses we manage to incur.

Also, as you can notice, I didn’t make the killboard on that one, due to a minor mistake on my part.  Trying to be intelligent, I warped to our FC at 30 hoping to get a lock and do some ranged damage, like my Moa should, however by the time I dropped out of warp, he was over 100 km away from me.  By the time I warped out and back in, he had gone poof.

Then tonight, we went crawling for a certain someone who knocked off three of our ships last week.  We managed to get her to engage one of our ships who had an impressive tank and was doing fine.  However our tackler had gone afk without informing anyone, and by the time he came back, she had warped off to do her own thing again.  So we missed a kill due to tom foolery.

Then we decided to go have some fun in 0.0 hoping against hope to find something worthwhile.  As we sat on the edge of 0.0 we were just waiting for the word to jump and make a go at it.  However due to yet more tom foolery we ended up sitting in that 0.3 system for well on 45 minutes, by which time Morsus Mihi (who controlled the first 0.0 system we needed to pass through) had started to figure out what was going on and we noticed a ton of them passing through the system.  Even our dimwitted Drake-sacrificer managed to figure it out, so we ended up heading back to my favorite 0.4, Walvalin, and there was no one around, so we called it a night.

On the profitability study side of things, I lost my notes on my expenditures and am not quite motivated enough to go through my wallet data and figure out what I bought for what, and when.  So instead, I will be starting fresh first thing tomorrow morning.  I will be providing new graphs as well as more detailed summaries of what gets what and how and what have you.  I will probably end up creating a seperate page in here just for my study, so I have more room to work with.

On a side note, I have been debating taking on a little project that interests me.  To do it properly, I need to drop $35 on a program that I should have anyways.  But before I go all out on this, I want to know if there is a pool of interest for it.  So ask your corpmates, or anyone at all really.  What is the idea you ask? Well it’s a rather simple idea, let’s just see what you think of it.  We all are familiar with the EVE Strategic Maps or Ombeve’s 2d Maps.  I want to expand upon that, creating a PDF, or even website, listing every last detail of every last system in New Eden.  From a solar system view all the way up to the galactic view, I think I can make something useful, if people could actually use it.

Another thing that I have been working on, is writing fiction.  I am working on a story entitled “Hangar 15” which I will be putting up over at The New Edener, as soon as I get the first part done.  I have been working on it whilst at work, since I can’t seem to get online there.   So yes, the site may have been a little neglected of late, but I have been working on stuff, I promise you that.

Fly safe, and may the spork be with you.


~ by Bryce on May 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Haps”

  1. re: your project
    check out DOTLan maps first:

    I think the solar system maps you are talking about is something no one has done before, I’d definitely be interested (not enough to invest however lol)

  2. I have DOTLan bookmarked on my laptop, truly a wonderfully useful website. I just hope I can expand upon it with the system maps.

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