Thanks for stopping by!

Just a quick interlude to thank my recent visitors (which I am sure is due to Crazy Kinux and/or Ga’len and their respective blogroll keeping as opposed to any merits of my own).  I hit a record peak of 72 visitors which makes me feel special and warm inside.


As for what I have been up to in EVE lately, really not too much.  As I said before, my corp is looking at moving into 0.0 in the coming months, and have already received pledges of support from a corp or two.  While my CEO is handling the diplomatic and recruitment side of things, I am handling intel gather.  It is a specialty of mine, that I have loved doing for a long long time, and EVE is by far the best game to do it in, with a myriad of options and so many things to cover.  I am keeping watch on a few gates that lead into the low sec area around our designated target.  I have also probed all 7 systems that we hope to acquire with my Probing Heron since I cannot fly a Covert Ops frigate yet (still a few weeks out of just getting in one, let alone being effective).  I managed to pinpoint exact locations of each POS in the area, and will be going back in with an Ibis or Condor to plot safe spots (if I can get a corp mate to come with to help) so that when we do go full bore assault mode, we have staging points and fallback zones.  The one tactical difficulty in this region is that it is a bottleneck, one system provides the only way in or out.  I have been talking to my CEO to see if we can’t arrange a Carrier or some similar mode of transport to allow us an escape vector that could be unexpected.

I am going to have to come up with some code names for these systems so I can keep a frame of reference for you readers out there without betraying our plans on accident.

In corp news, we had a few losses recently, due to some oversight from a few people.  I won’t name name’s, because what’s done is done and we need to learn lessons from it as opposed to dwelling on it all.  Aruan X, our resident trigger happy pilot was playing scout for us in an attempt to get a few of us out to our target area for ratting, ostensibly.  At the edge of low sec, he hopped into 0.0 to see what was on the other side, what we heard on Vent was nothing short of him crapping himself, as he found at least 8 ships of varying size, all considerably more experienced than any of us.  His Drake quickly fell once his cloak failed.  The next day, LazarusMan lost his newly purchased (and luckily insured) Ferox to some can-flippers in Hentogaira, which he didn’t take too bad all things considered.  As for myself, I now have a Moa outfitted for ratting, but need to work on some of my skills to be able to better fit it, though that is on the back burner behind my Cov Ops training.

Lessons Learned so far this week:

#1: Don’t Get Cocky.  I lost my Cormorant because I was overconfident after escaping the Merlin earlier in the day and wasn’t paying enough attention.

#2: Keep your cool at all times. If you keep your cool, there is less chance of things going wrong, and you can figure out a way out of situations.

#3: Be Wary. You never know who is planning what, even in High Sec.  If someone steals from you, go ahead and engage, but be sure to have a guaranteed way out if it’s a trap.


I have more of my profitability survey in the works, but as I am doing this recon work, it is sadly on the back burner.  Thanks for checking me out.


~ by Bryce on May 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Thanks for stopping by!”

  1. #4: Scout in a covops (1), small fast frigate (2), or shuttle (3). Alts can help better, and alts in NPC corp can be even betterer to disguise your corp’s intentions. Why was your scout in a Drake?

  2. Well, I would have put that, but I already knew that. As for why our scout was in a Drake, he was being trigger happy and our CEO bit the bullet and let him do it.

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